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Are You a Nigerian Admitted to Purdue? Here is 4 Reasons Why You Need to Join the Nigerian Students Association At Purdue. | By Babalola Emmanuel (MasterB)

Congratulations on your admission offer to Purdue. You have made an excellent choice. Purdue University is the #1 Public University in the United States known for her unparalleled commitment to innovation, diversity, and world-classed researches. With an unbeaten record of over ten years of frozen tuition, Purdue ranks as one of the most affordable universities in the United States. Despite not been included, amongst the IVY League schools, Purdue University competes in ranking with IVY League schools. After getting your admission offer, what is next?

The process of following through the process, and transiting from Nigeria to a new country -the United States, can be overwhelming. And, here is where the Nigerian Students Association at Purdue (N.S.A.P) comes in. These four (4) reasons are primary and it is worthy of note to know that there are other reasons as you will find out yourself. Nevertheless, these four reasons will give you an overview of why you should consider availing yourself of the connections and existing home networks readily available at your disposal.

  1. Perfect Guide.
    You need to be guided! The whole process can be tiring! From getting your form I-20, paying for it to be shipped to paying your Sevis Fee, going through the stress of not being able to send Western Union, the helplessness of the Nigerian banking system, applying for your Visa, and filling your form DS-160, in all fairness and honesty, you will do yourself well to be guided! Luckily, the Nigerian Students Association at Purdue have a complete support network to guide incoming students.

2. Quick Response to Challenges Encountered.

This is one unique role played by members of the association. All you have to do is join the association. You will be given a warm and hearty welcome. Individuals on the platform will start reaching out to you asking how they may be of help to you. You automatically build a network of support and helpers. The juiciest part is when you encounter a problem. All you have to do is post the details on the group and you will be amazed at the speed of response! Your D.M will be bombarded with responses and possible options to resolve the issue posted. The Nigerian Student Association at Purdue’s members is always open, looking out keenly for every opportunity to help incoming students.

  1. Visa Preparation Companions.

The stress encountered by most international applicants is enormous, unfortunately, most of them lose these opportunities because they were not well prepared for their Visa Interviews. Here is the good news. The members of NSAP are always there to help you prepare effectively for a successful Visa interview. It is amazing how they will reach out individually to you with possible preparation questions and suggest good responses! They will painstakingly take out time to review your intended responses and correct them where appropriate.

  1. Your Home Away From Home.

The Nigerian Student Association at Purdue is no doubt your haven. With NSAP, your transition is home away from home. The association organizes regularly, different seminars, talk shows, and symposiums to equip members of the association! They further organize hangouts, holiday outings and they are your best stop for valid and detailed campus info.

You can choose between doing it yourself without taking advantage of the available help at your disposal, which will most definitely be to your detriment, or avail yourself of the ready help available through the Nigerian Students at Purdue Association.

I write to your Success.

Babalola Adewole Emmanuel is an Advocate for Technology Enhanced Active Learning & The Integration of Indigenous Languages in the Teaching and Learning of Sciences. You can reach him via his official webpage @
He writes from Ede, Nigeria.

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