Professional Development (Pt 1) – Teachersfirst Website.

The need for continual professional development cannot be over-emphasized. As a teacher, you can’t grow above your investment in yourself. The advancement of your career is your sole responsibility.

There are lots of sites online offering teachers professional development training. Some offer free certificated training, while others offer their training for a small token.

Today, we will be looking at one of these sites. The Teachersfirst website is the No 1 and foremost professional development site in the world! They provide free P.D certificated courses weekly covering every aspect of teaching and learning.

TeachersFirst is registered Incorporation in the U.S, they possess the largest database of educational resources. They provide mentorship for teachers and provide teaching resources all for free.

How to become a TeachersFirst member, and enjoy free certificated professional development webinars.

  1. Google search ‘TeachersFirst Website’ or log on to

2. Follow the link

3. Scroll down and select ‘Join Teachersfirst (free)’

4. Fill the form appropriately

5. Under School District Type ‘Independent’

Check your email and confirm your membership. After which you log in to the website and sign in to begin to enjoy amazing benefits.

Watch out for the next post.

Adewole Emmanuel,

Teal Advocate

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